Our Mission

ComCan Healthcare, LLC is founded on the principle that every patient is unique, and requires a treatment program tailored to his or her specific conditions and needs. We create a cannabinoid program designed to maximize benefits by recommending specific marijuana and cannabis products based on your conditions, and we help you understand how to use marijuana and CBD products to achieve the best health outcomes.

We are especially excited to bring the medicinal benefits of marijuana and cannabis to senior citizens, and to Military Veterans in appreciation of their service to our country. 

Discover Our Personalized Cannabis Program

We are the first practice in the country to use patented Oblend technology to develop a cannabis formulation individually designed for you, based on your needs.

  • Medically Supervised, Custom Blended Formulations.
  • Individually Designed and Fine Tuned Based On Your Results.
  • Highly Potent and Cost Effective.
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Our Programs

Senior Citizens, We Have a Program For You

You may have heard about the benefits of Medical Marijuana and CBD products in treating chronic pain and other common ailments among Seniors.

Veterans – ComCan Healthcare Is THE Place For You

We are committed to serving our veterans just as our Veterans have been committed to serving us.

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