Steve Bate

From Evansville Indiana, Steve graduated Indiana University in 1983 with a Child of a Disabled Veteran Scholarship

Mr. Bate went to Washington DC with Congressman Frank McCloskey after successfully organizing his campaign and winning the election.   Mr. Bate went to Washington to work in the 98th Congress as a legislative assistant. His responsibilities were the armed services committee, Small Business Administration and the US Postal Service.

Mr. Bate was also the liaison with the Reagan White House for the eighth district of Indiana.

Upon leaving Capitol Hill, Mr. Bate helped develop the first cell phone network in the United States for the American Trucking Association. Then he went on to develop the first reseller of AT&T called  Telemarketing Communications,T.M.C.

From that point he went on to establish US Telecom which became US Sprint.
After 25 years of building nine of the largest information technology firms in the world, Mr. Bate left as managing director of Compuware, the third largest software manufacturer in the world. Mr. Bate now resides in Florida after coming here to develop a real estate brokerage firm.

During the last year Mr. Bate was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The usual chemotherapeutic regimens for this are very toxic, and most people cannot tolerate the side effects.  After some research, Mr. Bate went to the Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis where he was given multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Utilizing multiple Cannabinoid oils, Mr. Bate tolerated the chemotherapy with minimum side effects, and he never had problems with nausea, vomiting or weight loss.  Mr. Bate is now cancer free, and he strongly believes that he would not have survived if not for Cannabinoid oil therapy.  This inspired Mr. Bate to be one of the founders of the Community Cannabis Center in Delray Beach, Florida., in the hopes of educating people on the positive health effects of this therapy.

To hear Community Cannabis Center Founder and President Steve Bate talk about his battle with cancer and our commitment to serving Veterans, listen to his WEI Network “Army of Followers” radio broadcast. Click here