According to Senior Directory, “seniors are the fastest growing population of new medical marijuana users. There is no other reason for this other than it is working work for them.” Cannabis products can be effective in treating chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and loss of appetite. In some cases cannabis treatment can replace prescription medications with long-term side effects.

One common misconception among many people, especially seniors, is that patients have to smoke or “vape” cannabis products. The fact is that medical marijuana can be used in many forms, including tinctures administered under the tongue, and “edibles” that can be taken with food. Medical marijuana does not need to involve “smoking pot”.

Many seniors can benefit from CBD products that are non-intoxicating, and that can be administered orally or in balms applied directly to the affected areas. These products are available to the public, and do not require a doctor’s visit or registration in the state’s medical marijuana program. ComCan Healthcare, LLC offers the highest quality CBD products, with a full spectrum of beneficial components, at lower prices than you will find anywhere else. For more information about the benefits of cannabis products click here.

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on our initial visit for qualified seniors over 65 who can benefit from participation in the state medical marijuana program. In addition, you can always visit our center or call us at (561) 270-4040 to speak with a member of our team about whether medicinal cannabis treatments are right for you.