Medicinal cannabis for veterans is part of a complete treatment and support program offered by ComCan Healthcare, LLC.

ComCan Healthcare, LLC will work closely with its partners to develop programs to help veterans suffering from chronic pain, post-traumatic stress, and opiate addiction.


DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June 5, 2018 ( -?ComCan Healthcare, LLC in Delray Beach today announced partnerships with Vet Power Industries, ABC Biz Supply, and Operation120 to bring the benefits of medicinal cannabis to veterans as part of a complete treatment and support program. The center will work closely with its partners to develop programs to help veterans suffering from chronic pain, post-traumatic stress, and opiate addiction.

Vet Power Industries works with ABC Biz Supply to create education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities to support veteran and veteran-owned businesses. Operation120 is a non-profit organization with the driven purpose of serving active military, veterans, and their families. ComCan Healthcare, LLC will work with Operation120 to provide “pets for vets”, a companion pet program for eligible veterans, as well as other services.

Rick Nash, Director of Operations for Vet Power Industries, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership. “This is a great opportunity to support veterans who need our help. The research shows that cannabis therapy can help people with post-traumatic stress and chronic pain. We hope this will be an important tool in reducing opiate addiction among returning veterans. This is one spoke in a very large wheel of support services we want to bring to our veterans.”

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“There is a critical need for support services for returning veterans”, said Renette Verhaeghe, Founder and President of Operation120. “We are pleased to work with ComCan Healthcare, LLC to incorporate our services which provide companion pets to our service members and families that are suffering from PTS and other disabilities. We are confident veterans will receive high-quality healthcare from a team that will serve them with the same commitment they have shown in serving our country.

ComCan Healthcare, LLC specializes in referrals of patients with qualifying medical conditions to Florida’s medical cannabis program, as well as the sale of high-quality CBD products to senior citizens, military veterans, patients with chronic pain, and those who would like to reduce or stop their use of opiates. The center was founded by two children of disabled veterans. Steve Bate is a cancer survivor who attributes his ability to withstand chemotherapy without many of the typical side effects to his use of medicinal cannabis. Dr. Davis is double Board Certified, was the former Medical Director of the Hepatitis Treatment Institute of Florida and has been named one of Florida’s Top Doctors. The center is committed to partnering with national and local veterans’ organizations to help veterans suffering from chronic pain, stress related to a return to civilian life, or other ailments.

ComCan Healthcare, LLC is located at 5850 W Atlantic Ave #102, in Delray Beach. They can be reached by calling (561) 270-4040, or by visiting their website at

More information regarding Vet Power Industries and Operation120 can be found by visiting their websites at and, respectively.