ComCan Healthcare, LLC in Delray Beach just opened. They are scheduling appointments now. Florida residents can visit their website and see if they qualify for Florida’s medical marijuana program.


DELRAY BEACH, Fla., May 25, 2018 ( – ComCan Healthcare, LLC is now open in Delray Beach. The center specializes in referrals of patients with qualifying medical conditions to Florida’s medical cannabis program, as well as the sale of high-quality CBD products. The staff of the center is especially excited to bring the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids to senior citizens, military veterans, those with chronic pain, as well as those who would like to reduce or stop their use of opiates.

The center was founded by company President Steve Bate and by Medical Director Dr. Mitch Davis. Mr. Bate is a cancer survivor who attributes his ability to withstand chemotherapy without many of the typical side effects to his use of medicinal cannabis.

Dr. Davis is double-board-certified, was the former medical director of the Hepatitis Treatment Institute of Florida and has been named one of Florida’s Top Doctors.

“My commitment to starting the center came from my personal experience,” said Mr. Bate. “I saw the loss of appetite, nausea, depression and other side effects suffered by other patients and I didn’t experience that. I can never prove that the use of cannabis saved my life, but I know what I believe.”

“We want to do much more than giving patients a referral for a medical cannabis card and leave them on their own,” added Dr. Davis. “We want to educate people on the medicinal benefits of CBD products that are available to everyone without a referral, as well as work with patients to find the proper medical cannabis products to achieve the best health outcomes.

“Look at the programs for veterans and seniors, as well as learn about CBD products.

Florida residents can find out if they qualify for treatment, and then if they do, they can schedule an appointment here:

The Community Cannabis Center is located at 5850 W Atlantic Ave #102, in Delray Beach. They can be reached by calling (561) 270-4040 or by visiting their website at