What is CBD?

The beneficial chemical components  are called “cannabinoids”. There are more than 100 cannabinoids in the plant, only one of which, THC, is “psychoactive”. One of the most important cannabinoids, cannabidiol, is known as “CBD”. Medical research demonstrates the importance of CBD, and cannabinoids in general, in managing our bodies’ functions, and in promoting healing and good health. A more complete understanding of the benefits of cannabinoids has been inhibited by the federal ban on research. We hope policy changes will lead to a better understanding of potential CBD benefits.

Cannabinoids occur naturally in the human body, in what is known as our endocannabinoid system. Research is emerging that shows the importance of this system in regulating our bodily functions. CBD products work by supporting our bodies’ natural healing and maintenance system and are therefore free from the side effects that can be associated with prescription pharmaceuticals. CBD products can help treat a variety of conditions that produce inflammation and chronic pain, or can be used as a general supplement to promote good health.  Products are available for sale to the public at ComCan Healthcare,LLC without the need for a doctor’s visit or referral to the state’s medical marijuana program.

Not all  products are created equal! some products can vary in purity, potency, stability, in the spectrum of beneficial components, and in the effectiveness of absorption by our bodies. We have selected the highest quality products grown from organic hemp and processed using techniques that produce a “full spectrum” of beneficial component with a high level of stability and potency. Because of our focus on high quality medical care and our specialization in the needs of seniors and our veterans, our supplier has been enthusiastic in their support of our mission, and has enabled us to sell our  products at the lowest prices available at any retail location. You will not find a comparable product at a lower price anywhere.

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